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Where’s my old app designer?!

Changes to UI are always fun. From the user experience perspective, they are challenging and somehow scary. I love a new app designer! It's easy to use, it's smart, and very user-friendly. However, today I need a new designer to make sure I've got all forms required added to my app. In the old designer… Continue reading Where’s my old app designer?!

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How do I pass executionContext as a parameter into my Promise to fit in Promise.all()?

To be honest, this post should be a bit longer with more details but I like it this way. This is a sample below. It looks cool. And I building one of my own. But I need it to work with my onSave form validation. const promise1 = Promise.resolve(3); const promise2 = 42; const promise3… Continue reading How do I pass executionContext as a parameter into my Promise to fit in Promise.all()?


Where is my Tenant ID? (not Azure portal)

In the casual conversation with Microsoft I was asked about my customer Tenant ID. As a person who use to superpower and admin privileges I went straight to Azure portal: Unfortunately, I don't have the same level of power in my customer organisation as I have in my own. I simple didn't have access… Continue reading Where is my Tenant ID? (not Azure portal)

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Dynamics 365 Sales Pro Trial Setup

Go to: Let's create your Sales Pro trial in these easy steps (below). Go to trial page to set up trial Scroll down to the highlighted option. Choose for dev purpose option No, continue signing up Create a new account instead Tell us About yourself section. Add details. Enter your phone. Use Verification code.… Continue reading Dynamics 365 Sales Pro Trial Setup

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Getting data from a function in an on-prem SQL server via Gateway in Power Automate

Dataflow magic in Power Automate. SQL with Power Query in Power Automate. Did you know you can do this?

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“We are screwed!”

me at the moment of technology induced panic

That was the feeling when I saw the below error messages.

The client’s setup is an on-prem SQL server exposed to the cloud via an on-prem Gateway. It works perfectly fine for exiting Dataflow integration, but this time we needed data from a function in Power Automate.

Now problem, you can use SQL server connector, right?

Almost (but yes, if you read this post or knew before).

Set back #1

You cannot use “Execute a SQL query (V2)” with an on-prem gateway connection. Not supported!

Sure, let’s then use “Execute stored procedure (V2)”.

Set back #2

Apparently, you cannot return dataset from the function. Can call it if it was just a function or procedure without return value. But if it returns data – bad luck!

Panic mode on!

Wait, but what if…

Power Query to the rescue! Again.

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