Power App Portal Web API – fighting lookups

We will start with the 100% helpful Microsoft docs articles: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/powerapps/maker/portals/web-api-overview https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/powerapps/maker/portals/web-api-perform-operations I haven't had any issues with simple type fields but I stuck with lookups. Remembering my first time exploring the portal Web API, I didn't run into this issue. Or maybe it worked slightly differently during that times. There are some articles in… Continue reading Power App Portal Web API – fighting lookups

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Save Dataverse Notes to Azure Blob Storage and Display on PowerApps Portals (original @curious_mira)

Last month I posted the article describing our exercise with the Azure Blob for the portal notes. The Part 1 is here: https://msolenacrm.blog/2021/07/20/azure-storage-integration-for-power-apps-portals/ This is the second part I advertised created by Mira and all implementation credits go to her as well 😎: "I have been Exploring with Olena (https://msolenacrm.blog/) how to enable the azure… Continue reading Save Dataverse Notes to Azure Blob Storage and Display on PowerApps Portals (original @curious_mira)

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Simple Azure Invoice OCR Tutorial

We are exploring OCR capabilities for invoice processing. This is the article which may help you to understand how it work if you want to train a custom model to use it then with Power Automate. Do you want your own OCR which costs less than a coffee? All credits go to Nick Grischenko. https://microsoftbusinessappsfordummies.wordpress.com/2021/07/21/simple-azure-invoice-ocr-tutorial-that-costs-less-than-a-coffee/

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Braintree payments PCF component (Power Apps)

(The below has been described and tested for Canvas Power Apps. This has not yet been tested and adapted for Model-driven apps. As for the Power App Portal app, another integration pattern is appropriate, to be discussed later) This package for import in your CDS environment and source code of the control are packaged here: https://github.com/andrew-grischenko/BraintreePaymentsPCF… Continue reading Braintree payments PCF component (Power Apps)

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Magic Christmas Power Apps game

This is a first part of the tutorial how to build a game on Power Apps platform. The second part is available here: https://medium.com/@andrew.grischenko/power-apps-game-tutorial-part-2-2-15233ad4bc4e I love making games. I started programming back then because I wanted to create a game. Since then I’ve made a few — either myself or with the teams. Here today I… Continue reading Magic Christmas Power Apps game