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Use CDS views to pre-filter data from CDS entity in Canvas app

In a Canvas app, if you pick up a CDS entity as a data source, in my case, a Contact entity, you can also pick up a view. If you pick up None as per screenshot below, it will retrieve you an unfiltered set of records. Here you can see all my CDS contacts in… Continue reading Use CDS views to pre-filter data from CDS entity in Canvas app

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Don’t auto-convert. Think. Transform.

Why am I not a fan of auto converters which allow you to magically turn something old into something new? In the context of Dynamics 365, old Java Script into a new format, SQL reports into FetchXML, workflows into Flows etc. It's because I believe that "new" is not just about tools, it's about the… Continue reading Don’t auto-convert. Think. Transform.

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Keep all your Microsoft Teams together

"Too many Teams". Too many Teams, Yammers, logins, chats, communicators. Screens, profiles... Let's break the spell today and fix something. Sometimes you need to break first then to fix. I haven't said it loud enough yet, but I love Microsoft Teams. Now I did say it. I love Microsoft Teams! I love Microsoft Teams! I… Continue reading Keep all your Microsoft Teams together

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Fixing the ribbon button issue for a new Dynamics 365 UI

The issue After changing to a new UI a custom web resource launched from a custom button of the ribbon bar stopped receiving parameters. This leads to the incorrect page layout generation and other issues which are based on the missing parameter. The diagnostics There are things to consider while performing re-work on the page:… Continue reading Fixing the ribbon button issue for a new Dynamics 365 UI

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USD Accelerator with an embedded canvas app

So glad those guys are working perfectly together 🙂 Let me translate it for you: embedded canvas apps for UUI work with USD accelerator and USD  desktop app OOB.  The address validation embedded canvas app within USD accelerator (screenshot below). If you want to learn more about USD accelerator, it's here, in the Neil Parkhurst… Continue reading USD Accelerator with an embedded canvas app


Free Accelerators & Apps for Dynamics 365 CE


DataExportMicrosoft Dynamics 365 – Data Export Service


  1. Ease of use and configuration.
  2. The Azure DB can be part of a different tenant. Only Azure key vault should be part of the same tenant as Dynamics 365 CRM.
  3. Best app to export data from Online Dynamics 365 CRM to Azure DB which can be used to build a Data Warehouse for reporting or data transformations.
  4. Dynamics 365 users can control the schedules from within their CRM. Even an a Admin dashboard is provided.
  5. API’s are available for automation.


  1. Occasional issues with data synchronization which can be fixed.
  2. Only supports Azure SQL DB.
  3. Need Azure subscription, so additional resource cost.

Alternative Approach : Can use CDS for reporting or use Flow to push the data.

Supported Version : Online Dynamics 365 Only

attachmentmanagementAttachment Management

This app can be used to push Email and Notes attachment to an Azure blob storage…

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