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Getting data from a function in an on-prem SQL server via Gateway in Power Automate

Dataflow magic in Power Automate. SQL with Power Query in Power Automate. Did you know you can do this?

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“We are screwed!”

me at the moment of technology induced panic

That was the feeling when I saw the below error messages.

The client’s setup is an on-prem SQL server exposed to the cloud via an on-prem Gateway. It works perfectly fine for exiting Dataflow integration, but this time we needed data from a function in Power Automate.

Now problem, you can use SQL server connector, right?

Almost (but yes, if you read this post or knew before).

Set back #1

You cannot use “Execute a SQL query (V2)” with an on-prem gateway connection. Not supported!

Sure, let’s then use “Execute stored procedure (V2)”.

Set back #2

Apparently, you cannot return dataset from the function. Can call it if it was just a function or procedure without return value. But if it returns data – bad luck!

Panic mode on!

Wait, but what if…

Power Query to the rescue! Again.

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