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“Stripe” payments PCF component (Power Apps)

There is an article my partner published on our company website. We've spent some time working with custom connectors and experimenting with different types of integrations with Dynamics 365, CDS and Power Platform. If you are interested to learn more about PCF controls and how to combine all above together in a working solution it… Continue reading “Stripe” payments PCF component (Power Apps)

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Magic Christmas Power Apps game

This is a first part of the tutorial how to build a game on Power Apps platform. The second part is available here: I love making games. I started programming back then because I wanted to create a game. Since then I’ve made a few — either myself or with the teams. Here today I… Continue reading Magic Christmas Power Apps game

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Use CDS views to pre-filter data from CDS entity in Canvas app

In a Canvas app, if you pick up a CDS entity as a data source, in my case, a Contact entity, you can also pick up a view. If you pick up None as per screenshot below, it will retrieve you an unfiltered set of records. Here you can see all my CDS contacts in… Continue reading Use CDS views to pre-filter data from CDS entity in Canvas app