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Magic Christmas Power Apps game

This is a first part of the tutorial how to build a game on Power Apps platform. The second part is available here:

I love making games.

I started programming back then because I wanted to create a game. Since then I’ve made a few — either myself or with the teams.

Here today I want to show you how you may have some fun too with a “boring” business applications platform. Creating games is NOT the purpose of this platform, but this exercise will help you understand some of its capabilities and show off at the end to your friends or family.

If you haven’t even heard what Power Apps are, you can find heaps of info here, but my short blurb to help you get the head around it.

Power Platform is Microsoft’s technology which provides low code solutions in creating business applications (Power Apps), process automation aka “robotics” (Rower Automate, previously known ad Flow), metadata-driven database (Common Data Services, CDS), analytics and reporting (Power BI) and a bot assistant (Power Assistant). It’s purpose to enable business create useful application quickly, without lots of time and money investment and low to none programming involved.Keep reading at Medium :

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