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Power Automate for CDS: “what was it before we run the update?” or “bye,bye, no-code!”

The requirement: for Account(Property in our case) if related Contact(Tenant) is “un-linked”, create a Note.

No-code solution: none.


These are triggers available for CDS(current environment):

CDS current environment triggers

We choose Update trigger for Contact filtering by parentcustomerid … and this is it.

This is where our no-code journey ends. When Update triggers on our Contact the value for parentcustomerid will be null. Meaning we can’t attach to the previous parent customer anything because we have no idea what it was before it changed.

And this is where I created my plugin for the first time in years. It was an exciting experience for another blog post.

Here is what makes it different and gives us extra functionality to solve the problem with a code.

Plug-in pre-image

I created an idea for this issue, please support me if you think it’s cool to have this functionality in Power Automate:


Happy no-coding!

4 thoughts on “Power Automate for CDS: “what was it before we run the update?” or “bye,bye, no-code!””

  1. In Similar Requirement, I did bit trick and accomplish it by Power Automate itself.
    1- Create a Preimage custom attribute “new_parentcustomerid” and place it on hidden tab of the form.
    2- Create workflow which will wait for 5 minutes then update “new_parentcustomerid” by “parentcustomerid” on change of “parentcustomerid”. That’s how your preimage field will always be update with new value.
    3- Flow is triggering on change of “parentcustomerid” and I can use “new_parentcustomerid” value wherever I want to put “parentcustomerid” preimage value.

    Working Pretty Smooth for me.


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