Using Power Automate to trigger on Create or Update in the CDS and make HTTP requests with OAuth 2.0 authentication

I will tell you in the next post more about my journey designing and implementing B2B integration links for my client. But my today’s big ThankYou goes to this person. “Thank you so much!’

Carina M. Claesson

In my previous blog post I mentioned that Microsoft Flow has been rebranded to Power Automate. We still create flows though and this week I created a flow. Then I thought to myself, why not share it, perhaps someone might benefit from it and the next thing I knew this blog post was written and ready to be published. In this blog post I will let you in on how to make HTTP requests with a flow, using OAuth 2.0 authentication, i.e. a 2-step authentication. Basically, first you make a request in order to get an access token and then you use that token for your other requests.    

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