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Power Apps Portal: “Table permission changes for forms and lists on new portals” So what?

In case you missed it…

We’ve got a portal page with the form which is available for anonymous users. It’s a valid scenario. And the way we set it up previously was like this:

Advanced form No authentication is required.

Advanced form – no authentication is required.

Advanced Form Step – Enable Table Permission option is not set.

“Enable Table Permission” option wasn’t set.

Also we didn’t define any permission for the table behind this form.

It was working last week!

As we were using a trial and portal did expire over the weekend when we un-expired it it got magically updated (I think this is what happened)

So our form looked like this:

You don’t have the appropriate permissions.

After we made the discovery that the portal behaviour changed. Which is OK according to the documentation.

Starting with release 9.3.7.x, newly created portals will have table permissions enforced for all forms and lists irrespective of the Enable Table Permissions setting.

Also, with the same release, lists on all portals (new or existing) that have OData feeds enabled will require appropriate table permissions setup for the feed on these lists to work.

To configure anonymous access explicitly, use proper table permissions, and web role setup instead.

(Microsoft docs)

Let’s see what it means, really, for forms.

Let’s say, you had the case like ours and your “Enable Table Permission” option is set to False.

You need to create a Table permission for the table/entity behind your form (or multiple permission if you use multiple tables)

Also, you will need to assign this permission to your portal web roles, specifically, to Anonymous Users role:

Active Web Roles
Anonymous Users

Like this.

Happy Monday!

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