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Where’s my old app designer?!

Changes to UI are always fun. From the user experience perspective, they are challenging and somehow scary.

I love a new app designer! It’s easy to use, it’s smart, and very user-friendly. However, today I need a new designer to make sure I’ve got all forms required added to my app.

In the old designer you can check it. And in a new one – I’m not sure it’s even possible.

In my old life, I could just go to the maker portal, select the app then click on Edit from the menu.

Edit app

Or just select Edit from the context menu:

Edit app from the context menu

The magic was happening and I was able to access what I need.

Old app designer

But not now!

Today I tried and all I could see it’s just a new editor popping up like this.

A new app editor

Where’s my old editor?!

Well, I had to guess it and I did, eventually. From the top menu Switch to classic.

Top menu Switch to classic
An old app designer


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