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Dynamics 365 Sales Pro Trial Setup

Go to:

Let’s create your Sales Pro trial in these easy steps (below).

Go to trial page to set up trial

Scroll down to the highlighted option.

Choose for dev purpose option
No, continue signing up
Create a new account instead
Tell us About yourself section. Add details.
Enter your phone. Use Verification code.
Create your business identity.
Type login, password. Sign up
Get Started
Go to your default environment

Go to Admin center.

Go to Admin center

Click on New.

Click on New environment

Select Trial (subscription-based) as a Type.

Select Trial(subscription-based) Type

You need to select a database and app in the same step.

Enable database with auto-deploy app option

If you fail this multiselect turns into a dropdown as a punishment.No jokes.

Sales Pro is your choice

What to do if it fails first time telling you don’t have the correct license? Don’t give up!

Try to create an environment again. The same steps but different.

Starting all over again. Create database is disabled this time

Create database option is disabled. Change Type to Sandbox, tick Create database to Yes. Change Type back to Trial (subscription-based).

Select Sandbox, Database to Yes back to Trial (subscription-based) Type

The same but different. It’s a dropdown for the module to select.

Select Sales Pro. I it will work I promise

Click on Save. Pray.

It’s creating it!
And now it’s done

Congrats! Click on the environment then Open environment.

Let’s click to check. Open environment

That’s it!

It’s there!

Following these easy steps you will be able to setup (at least) Sales Pro app on your trial.

I haven’t checked if it works the same way for other apps.

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