Where is my Tenant ID? (not Azure portal)

In the casual conversation with Microsoft I was asked about my customer Tenant ID.

As a person who use to superpower and admin privileges I went straight to Azure portal:


Unfortunately, I don’t have the same level of power in my customer organisation as I have in my own. I simple didn’t have access to lookup the information. Also, in my browser the option for Developer Tools was disabled.

Now what?

Now this. You can go to: https://make.powerapps.com/environments

If you switch to the Default environment it will a part of the URL:


But how do you know for sure it’s a Tenant ID not some other ID? You don’t.

May I have some box showing me it in a format:

Tenant ID: {…}


On the right panel under Settings -> Session details

Don’t need Azure access for this!

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