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Dataflows for PowerApps: loading data from CSV file without copying it to OneDrive in advance. πŸ’–πŸ˜ŽπŸ‘

I would like to share my recent experience with loading a CSV file via Dataflow to Dataverse with you.

Today, I downloaded the list of leads from the conference we sponsored last week. There is no better way to load it to my sales app on Dataverse – it’s a Dataflow way! At least for me πŸ‘€. I needed to transform columns to combine all extra information available into a big Description column. Also, I needed to add a custom lead source column. All of it can be done in PowerQuery so I created a new Dataflow:

Create Dataflow

Then picked up a Text/CSV file as a data source.

PowerQuery – Data source

Then I started panicking because I realised that I forgot to copy my file to OneDrive. 😱

PowerQuery – connect to datasource – Browse OneDrive

Dont’ worry and be brave! Click on Browse OneDrive…

Browse OneDrive or load from your local

Here some serious magic happens. If you are one of those people forgetting to copy files upfront, like me, you will find this functionality very useful.

Load file from your local.

Just upload your file here then select the file and – no worries!

Browse OneDrive – Select file

Thank you very much, Microsoft! You just made my day.

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