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Import solution to CDS. Missing Connection references error…

In the morning i tried to bring back some stuff from UAT. When I tried to import my solution back to DEV I was getting errors. My solution contained Flows.

Why do I use the classic admin interface to import solutions? Read this article:

I went the classic interface to import the solution. I’ve got some connection references missing.

I went back to the source environment to add the missing components.

Make sure you added all you need. Because I haven’t.

After adding the references your list of components will not change but don’t worry, they are there. Most likely.

I had to add all the references to my solution because I didn’t remember which once I needed.

After the third attempt:

My top favorite screen ever! ;(

Still warnings:

Inside my Flow:

But it seems to saves fine.

Read more about connection references in the documentation here:

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