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Dynamics 365 CE: Investigating the conflicting business rules issue

Recently, we run into the weird issue which we initially assessed as the upgrade to V9 related. The issue was that some form fields were aren’t marked as required based on the Account type based on the business logic. We use the unhealthy mix of scripts and business rules for the form logic. Also, we inherited most of the code from previous vendors. Luckily for me, I was reviewing and modifying JavaScripts to comply for V9 just this week. This is how I knew it was a business rule.

I haven’t debugged business rules previously so this blog post absolutely saved my day:

Troubleshooting Business Rules

In our case, it wasn’t about missing on a form fields. It was related to two conflicting business rules. Funny that the issue wasn’t reproducible on PROD or UAT. We believe it’s due to the order in which the rules were activated.

These are sets of the debug screenshots below:

Ctrl+Shift+I to call Dev Tools in Chrome.

To debug minified scripts:

It’s all for the old UI and older Field Service version because we are still in the process of upgrading our system…

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