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Power Apps portals: my Edit button doesn’t show on a grid (Déjà vu)

I’ve been working with portal for so many years that every time something like this is happening I feel like dying of emberrasement.

For my demo entity list, I couldn’t get the Edit button to appear and I knew, I knew it was about Entity permissions. You need to make sure you set up your permissions correctly and add these permissions to your user role. And clear cache.

This is the article explaining Entity permissions for the portal:


I also found this lovely discussion on a forum: https://community.dynamics.com/crm/f/microsoft-dynamics-crm-forum/301674/editable-grid-not-showing-edit-options—can-t-double-click-dynamics-portal?pifragment-97030=1

Which made me feel even more frustrated. I know it’s about permissions but I checked everything already!

On a Edit form:

The actual permission:

The security role:

What did I miss?! THIS!

Crazy! But how?

The Enable Permissions checkbox for the Entity form is located the way it’s easy to notice it.

For the Entity list, it’s deep down to the bottom of the screen and you scroll through Views and stuff. It got lost there and I missed it. I only noticed it because it was displayed in the grig for Active Entity Lists. It was set to No and I knew it was the reason I couldn’t get things working.

So, just remember: if Edit button doesn’t appear for your entity list, it’s always about Entity permissions. You just have to find the right checkbox 🙂

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