Common Data Service, Flow

Not your Outlook Emails. Create and send Emails from Dynamics 365 via Flow using Common Data Service current connector

Did you know you can actually create and send emails in a very similar way to how you did it with old fashioned workflows?

Follow these “simple” steps below and say ThankYou to David Yack (MVP) for being awesome human being. You can say ThankYou to me as well 😊

  1. Start with a solution. Create a new solution or use an existing one. Within the solution from the top menu click New then click on Flow.
  • In the Power Automate search for Common Data Service (current environment). There are two of them and I you have to select that one which is (current environment).

Select trigger which is suitable for your case.

  • Add a Create Entity action for Common Data Service (current environment). Select the action as per the screenshot highlighted.
  • Select Email Message as Entity name. Define From and To activity parties following the rules in the screenshot below.

This action will create an email on your CDS environment.

To send the email you need to add one more step.

5) We will be sending the email using Perform a bound action.

That’s it! Easy … kidding.

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