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Help! My Flow is not triggered (for a custom entity)

Recently, I am trying to ignore workflows and move all the custom functional logic into Flows.

This time I created a very simple Flow converting a text field value into a number and copying it to another field. I needed it for my chart.

I run the Flow on a custom entity. An I forgot to enable Changing Tracking. Of course, my Flow wasn’t triggered.

“Help! My Flow isn’t triggered!” and I didn’t receive any errors or message, telling me something is wrong.

Luckily, I remembered there is the Test button.


It seams to be useless when you run your Flow for a first time: you don’t have  any existing data sets for previous runs for a testing. However, this button is very helpful indeed.


After running test I’ve discovered the issue.



Again, you won’t see this error via a normal run. It says: “Go and enable the Change Tracking!” so I did.

Another helpful tip: if you don’t know what’s going on, check this place as well. Check for All runs. At least you will see it was checking for data. The next step is to figure our why data is not here.


One more thing: if you run the logic on third party entities and you are not sure how it’s populated, use the Preview on Create/Update Dynamics trigger instead of a standard one.

In my case, I guess, the value I used in my logic wasn’t populated on Create, it was added later.

So, I ended up with two issues instead of one. Don’t forget to check Change Tracking is enabled and use the Preview trigger for on create.

Happy Flow no-coding!




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