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The curious case of the model-driven app prefix_

Since Microsoft first introduced the concept of a solution we all live in fear of creating an entity with the prefix “new_”. If you do things properly you create a solution first, define a publisher with the unique prefix then all new entities and custom fields will be created with that prefix. For example, for the publisher “PowerLabs” you will have “pwl_” as a prefix. In a new solution with this publisher a new entity “Labs” will have a name “pwl_labs”. Only those who “don’t get it” keep creating entities outside a solution. Marked by the prefix “new_”. It’s been a while but people like this still exist.

For model-driven PowerApps app name has also got a prefix, which can’t be edited during or after creation. For different scenarios, it will be different. Let’s understand how it works.

Scenario 1. Creating a new app via “+Create an app” from the top menu.


The Unique Name is like “new_” but worse and you can’t change it on this screen.

Scenario 2. Creating a new app via the classic UI.


The Unique Name is “new_”. Great!

Scenario 3. Creating a new app via “+Create an app” from the top menu, ticking “Use existing solution…” for the solution with the correct publisher and prefix.



The Unique Name is whatever despite the correct solution prefix.

Scenario 4. Creating a new app within a solution with the correct prefix.




BINGO! We’ve got the proper prefix at last!

Let’s have a look where all these prefixes are coming from. Via Advanced Settings let’s switch to the classic UI (for the sake of sanity). Under Settings ->Customizations -> Publishers:


So “CDS Default Publisher” with the random prefix “cree3_” which is a new “new_” is officially responsible for the mischief in scenarios 1 and 3. The “Default Publisher for org…” controls the scenario 3.

If you are a lazy … but…  still, care you, can change it here to anything you like and stop worrying about it for a while. Just remember you still may want to add your app to a solution for deployment.




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