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Keep all your Microsoft Teams together

“Too many Teams”. Too many Teams, Yammers, logins, chats, communicators. Screens, profiles…

Let’s break the spell today and fix something. Sometimes you need to break first then to fix.

I haven’t said it loud enough yet, but I love Microsoft Teams. Now I did say it.

I love Microsoft Teams!

I love Microsoft Teams!

I love Microsoft Teams!

So now I’ve got 3 of them: for work, for my meetup and for Microsoft.

I’ve installed the mobile app for work on my phone and used it all the time. Then I’ve got 2 more Teams accounts for my business and community activities… How do I manage to check them all?

It’s easy!  You can add multiple accounts to your app.

Step 1. Add account.


Step 2. Sign in or Sign up to your 2nd, 3rd or… Teams account.

Step 3. All my 3 Teams accounts are here.


Unfortunately, we have to switch in between accounts to work with the particular Team but Microsoft guys are working on the multiteams feature.

I tried to find the information regarding max number of accounts you can add to the app and found nothing, unfortunately. Will keep searching.





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