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DataExportMicrosoft Dynamics 365 – Data Export Service


  1. Ease of use and configuration.
  2. The Azure DB can be part of a different tenant. Only Azure key vault should be part of the same tenant as Dynamics 365 CRM.
  3. Best app to export data from Online Dynamics 365 CRM to Azure DB which can be used to build a Data Warehouse for reporting or data transformations.
  4. Dynamics 365 users can control the schedules from within their CRM. Even an a Admin dashboard is provided.
  5. API’s are available for automation.


  1. Occasional issues with data synchronization which can be fixed.
  2. Only supports Azure SQL DB.
  3. Need Azure subscription, so additional resource cost.

Alternative Approach : Can use CDS for reporting or use Flow to push the data.

Supported Version : Online Dynamics 365 Only

attachmentmanagementAttachment Management

This app can be used to push Email and Notes attachment to an Azure blob storage…

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