😍Dataflows with Power Apps: the correct way to connect to Dataverse😍

Which connector do you use to connect to Dataverse?

If you ask me this question even a month ago I would say: “I use a Web API connector”.

Power Query connectors – Web API

You use your Dataverse environment WebAPI endpoint for URL:


I tried it it worked for me so why not.

Recently, I discovered I can only retrieve 5000 records with the Web API connector without using paging and M coding. It wasn’t cool at all!

I decided to change a connector to OData.

OData connector in Power Query

I used OData v2 endpoint as URL:


It worked. I was able to retrieve and update all the records in the table I was querying.

However, the next day I was reading the following announcement regarding OData v2 deprecation:


So I had to continue searching for the right solution.

The confusion in the choice of words and icons which I used to link to the particular things when I work with Power Apps. I think I mixed it up a bit.

If you open my fav tool FetchXml Builder in XrmToolbox this is what you see for Web API and OData:

Xrm Toolbox – FetchXml Builder

They both are OData just different versions!

For some reason, I decided that Web API connector is more appropriate for Web API 😁

How very silly of me to assume something like this!

The truth is, if you use OData connector with the correct, v4, endpoint, for your Dataflow then nothing is going to be deprecated for a while. And no paging is required!


And after all these exercises I finally discovered this:

I guess using it with OData v4 endpoint makes it the absolute winner?

No, kids, don’t use this trick at home!😈😈😈 It’s for Power BI only!

THE CORRECT ANSWER: Use OData connector with OData v4 endpoint: https://your_org.crm6.dynamics.com/api/data/v9.2/your_table_name_plural

Happy days!